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Large Research Project

Various research projects are being carried out at TMU through the use of its research resources.

Leading Project

This is a research project that is conducted in cooperation with the Tokyo metropolitan government in order to solve problems in cities.

Technology to develop a society that makes good use of building stocks in cities for reduction of environmental burdens in cities

This is a research project to try to develop technologies to create attractive cities with low environmental burdens by shifting from the method of replacing deteriorated buildings through scrap-and-build processes and by developing and promoting new energy conservation technologies and renewable energy technologies.

Leading project through cooperation among medical departments and science and engineering departments

Diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cancer, and other lifestyle-related diseases and Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia disorders increase with age. The speed of aging is certainly increasing also in large cities, and it is urgent to develop methods to prevent, diagnose, and treat these diseases. This research project aims to clarify the principle of development of diseases that occur frequently with age by using vinegar flies, search for disease markers, and specify new target molecules that are useful to develop new pharmaceuticals. In addition, in order to make good use of these research results in research for mammals, joint research activities are conducted with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science.

Advanced research

This research project aims to develop superior human resources in Asia by accepting students from cities in Asia and conducting highly-advanced research activities that contribute to solving of problems in large cities in Asia and development of Asia.

Support for strategic research projects

This project aims to develop research fields that contribute to solving of problems in large cities, which should be promoted by TMU, by providing large support to research projects that are strengths of TMU. This project is scheduled to start in academic year 2014.

Priority allocation of research funds (for the entire university) at the discretion of the President

Results of research projects that use research funds that are allocated competitively on a priority basis in order to activate research activities.

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