Comprehend economics and management in the digital age

Understand the changes in consumption style flowing from digital transformation

The world has been going through enormous turmoil due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. In this context, the "digital" world is again making its presence strongly felt. Zoom and Teams are now used as a matter of course even in educational settings, not to mention GAFA, the four tech giants of the digital age. Digital transformation such as this is expected to further speed up in the future. Economics, management, and society as a whole can no longer ignore the digital world.

Why did GAFA become such gigantic companies? What impact are they having on the world economy? And how should we approach economics and management in this digital age?
Every company is different now from how it was at its beginning. Economies are also changing, even though capitalism has not. What is needed above all is to direct attention to the fact that our consumption styles themselves have changed greatly through digital development.

The internet is awash with posts by people across the globe, sometimes shaping widespread opinion, mobilizing society, and even impacting politics. At the same time, “fake news” is rampant and sometimes leads people in the wrong direction. Digital transformation will continue occurring because we want them to, and the arrival of the digital age will continue changing economics and management. Thinking on management needs to be based on the understanding of this circulation mechanism.


Department of Management, Graduate School of Management

Completed doctoral program at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University. PhD (Commerce). In current role since 2019.