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Communication Mark and School color

Communication Mark
(The combination of university logos)
Communication Mark
School Color
School Color
Feature: Pantone7455C
(When you can not use it, you can use DIC-F216 in the place of 7455C.)
CMYK: C85%, M55%, Y0%, K0%
RGB: R67, G102, B176

Our Communication Mark combines an upward arrow and "T" as "Tokyo Metropolitan University" with a shape that signifies the university’s tradition and formality.
The upward arrow represents our students, who are self-starters in their studies, our teachers who are dedicated to the highest standards of research and education, as well as our staff who support the foundation of our university’s activities, with each person having a proactive mind. The two shades of blue also represent relationships among our students and among our faculty, along with the relationship between our students and faculty, symbolizing the high quality of education achieved when all sides work closely together to improve themselves.

A blue hue with a calming tone will be used for the school color. Blue reflects the sense of trust people have for a metropolitan university and the innovative spirit created from our high-level research capabilities.

People who can use and the range of use
■People who can use this:

Students of the university (including student groups and graduate school students) and faculties can use without notification.

  • ※1 Other people can use with notification
  • ※2 Users must follow "Tokyo Metropolitan University Communication Mark Visual Identity Manual".
■Priod of use:

People can use freely, without a time limit.

■Range of use:

The purpose is publicity for the university, and communication with people inside and outside the university

  • The website includes each department, University guide book etc
  • Printed matter, brochures etc. written by each department and affiliated groups
  • Business card, Envelope
  • Various goods: T-shirt, Hoodie, Stationery etc

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University Symbol

Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark
Sub-Symbol Mark

Sub-Symbol Mark
Concept of the symbol

The basic concept of the symbol concerns “trimming.”

The symbol, consisting of a combination of four different rectangles, signifies the integration of four different universities. At the same time, the outline of the group of rectangles trims the point where the horizontal and vertical lines that divide the different rectangles cross with each other. This means that everything that happens in the capital city of Tokyo, where diverse information and people intersect, is trimmed in accordance with a new and innovative viewpoint. The symbol signifies the way the Tokyo Metropolitan University regards the capital city of Tokyo as material for its education and research

Faculty members and groups of students defined in the General Rule are permitted to use the symbol in their activities, provided they follow the manual. The use of the symbol and other materials in any manners other than illustrated in the manual requires the permission from the University.
*Students may not use the symbol for personal use.

With consideration to its specific use, the symbol may be used in either of two different forms:

1. Symbol Mark

This is a more static form and is usually used to officially symbolize the University overall.

2. Sub-Symbol Mark

Sub-Symbol mark, please use the goods, and the like.

University logo

Japanese Logo




Symbol color

The combination of colors used in this symbol must consist of black and blue gray, which are described as follows.


Taku Sato (graphic designer)
Kokokusha Co., Ltd.

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