TMU Vision 2030

Pioneering the global future from Tokyo through the power of scholarship

Our grand vision for the future

Tokyo Metropolitan University is the only university operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It leverages a unique position to provide an education that nurtures human resources who can play an active role in responding to societal changes and to promote varied kinds of basic and applied research as well as research into issues in major metropolitan areas. These activities will contribute to the development of Tokyo and pioneer the global future.

1. Positive synergy between advanced research and quality education

Our faculty of exceptional researchers will enhance the University’s positive synergy between advanced research and quality education by working closely with our outstanding students.

2. Encouraging a commitment to lifelong learning and fostering the ability to collaborate with others to create new values

We draw a diverse body of diligent students who study a broad range of academic fields. Our students are encouraged to engage in close dialogue with faculty and their peers to broaden their views and enhance their ability to think in greater depth. They also learn to proactively set goals for themselves and collaborate with others to create new values.

3. A campus with great diversity and a rich learning environment

We are committed to creating a community where a diverse group of individuals of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, gender, age, and levels of physical ability study together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We also provide opportunities for the community and people in and around Tokyo to continue their lifelong education.

Strategies and visions for individual fields to realize our grand vision


Developing the ability of students to think profoundly with our high-level and varied educational programs

  1. We provide a thorough education that develops a genuine ability to think.
  2. We offer various education programs that stimulate the intellectual curiosity and help develop a broad range of knowledge.
  3. We offer an education and learning environment that fosters the ability to collaborate irrespective of differences in age or nationality.

Promoting fundamental and applied research that is both unique and world-class

  1. We support diverse fundamental research projects as well as applied research projects that have societal impact.
  2. As the sole public university in Tokyo, we promote research that contributes to the development of urban culture.
  3. We continue to enhance a comprehensive system for strengthening research capabilities and fostering researchers.
Social contributions

Providing wide-ranging opportunities for study and exchange and contributing to the invigoration of the community and society as a whole

  1. We offer educational opportunities for everyone who aspires to learn.
  2. We contribute to the community and to society as a whole by furthering collaboration with corporations, other universities, government agencies, and other public organizations.
  3. We welcome the community and people of Tokyo to participate in campus activities.

Respecting diversity and bringing out the best in individuals and the organization

  1. We provide a campus where diverse people learn from each other and collaborate.
  2. We continue to foster an environment that brings together exceptional faculty and enables them to perform to the best of their abilities.
  3. We promote the development of staff members who support further enhancement of the university’s functions.
  4. We continue to enhance a management system that draws out the full vitality of the organization.
  5. We promote close, mutual communication between students, graduates, and faculty.