Library & Campus Facilities


image-1Central Library(Honkan)

TMU Library is an integrated facility which consists of Central Library (Honkan), Systems Design Library (Hinokan), Health Sciences Library (Arakawakan), 5 Faculty Libraries, Harumi campus library, and Marunouchi campus library. The library provides paper journals/books, online databases, and electronic journals/books, and also provides reference services by librarians, inter-library loans (ILL), and consortia with other universities.

The Library’s collection of approximately 2,200,000 volumes can be searched by OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). In addition, we are offering an institutional repository “MIYAKO-DORI” (since FY2010) that provides academic research results created by TMU students and faculty members to the public.

Library Network

Students and faculty members can obtain books or copies from other campuses.

Reference Services

Librarians are assigned to most libraries at the university to give information and advice on how to solve problems such as usage of libraries, and how to search materials and information.

Libraries Open to Tokyo Residents

TMU library is open to people living or working in Tokyo.

Precious Collections

Central Library possesses 13,000 old documents from the Edo and Meiji eras. The most famous collection is the “Mizuno-ke monjo,” which contains the documents of the Mizuno family, who served the Shogun.

AV Facilities (Minami-Osawa)

The Audiovisual Facilities consist of two classrooms equipped with the CALL system, the AV library, and the audiovisual classroom. Students may borrow laptop computers and make use of a wide range of materials.

CALL Classrooms

The AV facilities are comprised of two differently sized classrooms, diiferently sized classrooms, one small and the other large, each equipped with a CALL system. Building No. also has similar classrooms.

Audiovisual Classroom

Film and theater classes are provided at AV Facilities with computer controlled equipment and a variety of AV materials.

Information Processing Facilities

Information systems are available for education and research at departments and laboratories. An internet connection environment and e-mail service with campus-wide circuits are available for students and teaching staff.

Computer Room

Each campus has computer rooms. In addition to use for computer and information education classes, the facility is available for use by individual students at any time during open hours.

Wireless LAN

Each campus offers wireless LAN access points. Using their own devices or rental laptop computers, students can conveniently access the campus network.

Exercise Facilities


Training RoomTraining Room

The gymnasium on the Minami-Osawa campus is a beautiful arch-like, two-story building equipped with an arena (3 basketball courts), a heated indoor pool (25m, 6courses), a Judo hall, a Kendo (Japanese fencing) hall, a training room and men’s and women’s changing rooms with coin lockers and showers. In addition, there are outdoor facilities including 6 tennis courts (omni), a baseball field, an athletics track and field, a ball game ground, a Kyudo (archery) hall, golf practice ranges. There is also a clubhouse for use by student sports clubs attached to the gymnasium. The Hino campus and Arakawa campus also have a gymnasium, a sports ground, tennis courts, and more.

Student Refectory & Campus Store

Student Refectory
Student Refectory

Campus StoreCampus Store

There is a dining hall at each of the Minami-Osawa, Hino and Arakawa campuses. Students can choose from various dishes made with seasonal ingredients at very reasonable prices.

There is a campus store called the Co-op at each of the Minami-Osawa, Hino and Arakawa campuses. Students are able to purchase food and books, and can even make travel arrangements. Co-op members are also eligible for special discounts. At the Minami-Osawa campus, there is also a convenience store where students can purchase snacks.

We support students at the Student Affairs Division, Career Support Division, Health Center, and Volunteer Center.The Student Affairs Division offers a variety of services, from extracurricular activities to scholarship information. Outstanding students can apply for a full / half tuition exemption each semester. The Career Support Division mainly provides the following support.