Study in Tokyo, Japan

The appeal of studying in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a country where a unique traditional culture, which has been passed down from generation to generation over the long course of history, and the leading edge technology co-exist in harmony.
The capital city, Tokyo, serves as the core of Japan’s economy, politics and culture and is one of the leading cities in Asia for the development of economies and high-tech industries.
In an inner-city area packed with towering skyscrapers, once you take a step inside an alley, you will see shrines and temples, as well as a rich natural environment if you go further out in the suburbs.
In this way, life in Tokyo not only provides a high level of education, but also traditional culture, cutting-edge culture, and a rich natural environment, creating a wonderful opportunity for international students to learn just by living in the environment.

The climates in Japan and Tokyo

Japan has four seasons, where the climate changes from spring, summer, autumn to winter throughout the year. Taking advantage of its abundant natural resources, Japan has developed its unique culture including a cherry blossom viewing picnic to see the cherry blossoms in spring and a festival to celebrate an autumn harvest in autumn.
Also, the beauty of changing seasons is clearly reflected on a variety of traditional performing arts and fine arts as seen with the literatures, theatrical performances and the Japanese art of tea ceremony.
A large metropolis, Tokyo is no exception and is surrounded by a rich natural environment all year long, and seasonal flowers add color to people’s lifestyles."

Cost of Living

Guide for living expenses

The amount varies depending on the region.