Basic Philosophy

    Tokyo Metropolitan University’s mission is “to pursue the vision of an ideal human society in a metropolis.” Based on this mission, our basic philosophy is to give instruction and conduct research in a broad range of knowledge and in highly specialized sciences, and then, through collaboration with industry and educational and research institutions, etc., to produce education and research results that are relevant to large cities, to nurture students rich in humanity and creativity, and to contribute to the improvement and development of human society.

Priority Issues

  1. Improving the urban environment
  2. Building a highly intellectual society with a dynamic industry structure
  3. Realizing a society of vitality and longevity

Educational Goals

    Universities should be places where students can acquire practical learning. Tokyo Metropolitan University respects the autonomy of each and every motivated student, we provide an education that makes full use of the special features of a metropolis, and we strive to nurture students who will become actively involved in society at large.

Research Goals

    Tokyo Metropolitan University promotes advanced research that is focused on large cities, and we demonstrate our presence to the world. We promote research by organically combining research that is compliant with our university’s mission together with research that is consistent with academic systems.

Contribution to the Community

    In collaboration with the government administration, Tokyo Metropolitan University fulfills the function of a think tank for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In addition, by cooperating with private businesses, nonprofit organizations(NPO), educational and research institutions and administrative agencies, we provide returns to society in the way of our educational and research results, and we make contributions to stimulate industry and to improve and develop the lives of Tokyo’s residents. Tokyo Metropolitan University is engaged in education and research which is relevant to the metropolis of Tokyo, and in providing returns to the community through the subsequent outcomes of that education and research.