TMU Vision 2030

Pioneering the global future from Tokyo through the power of scholarship

Tokyo Metropolitan University is the only university operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It leverages a unique position to provide an education that nurtures human resources who can play an active role in responding to societal changes and to promote varied kinds of basic and applied research as well as research into issues in major metropolitan areas. These activities will contribute to the development of Tokyo and pioneer the global future.

Message from the President

We encourage flexible intelligence in students through high-quality education and guidance
Takaya Ohashi
Takaya Ohashi

Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) is the only comprehensive university operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Advancing human knowledge by promoting both basic and applied research in a wide range of fields, while preserving close ties to Tokyo and its residents is the key mission of this university. At TMU, we wish to help young people learn and experience various things and appreciate the joy of discovering something new.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our lives and social systems, and it has impacted both the mental and physical health of many people. I feel sorry for young people that close interactions are still difficult, making it hard to express our physical and emotional energy like we are used to. But even in this situation, learning and studying is what makes us human, and human wisdom should be fully exercised to overcome this difficult time. Now more than ever, we must strongly push forward in our studies and research to advance our wisdom.

Based on our study of advantages and drawbacks of both online and face-to-face classes, we have implemented a new scheme of face-to-face classes aiming at improved education. TMU is a comprehensive university covering a wide range of research fields, but, at the same time, the distance between students, faculty, and staff members is small because it is a medium-sized university. I believe that these characteristics of TMU leads to high-quality education that helps to foster flexible intelligence in our students.

We will accelerate our work to enhance our research capabilities and promote our international ties under the university vision, with its key phrase “Pioneering the global future from Tokyo through the power of scholarship.” Students are at the heart of this effort. In a place like Tokyo, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter cutting-edge research and the people from around the world who are advancing it. Please build up your capabilities through these opportunities and leap into the world yourself. We will do our utmost to support you in your endeavor.

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