English-taught degree programs

Degree Programs in English

Tokyo Metropolitan University offers a variety of courses for international students. Introduced here are courses in which all classes and evaluations are conducted in English, as well as entrance examinations and student support. Opportunities to use research facilities and receive instruction are also open to students who do not speak Japanese.
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Bachelor's Degree Program

・Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences ➡Link to the original site


【Graduate School】

Master's Degree Program

・Graduate School of Science, Department of Biological Sciences ➡Link to the department site
 Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Plant Biology, Physiology, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, Systematics, Evolutionary Biology

・Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Department of Civil and  Environmental Engineering ➡Link to the department site:
 Social Infrastructure, Environmental Systems, Safety and Disaster Prevention

・Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Department of Applied Chemistry for Environment ➡Link to the department site:
 Environmental Science, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Materials Chemistry, Biochemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical          Engineering, Surface Chemistry, Photochemistry, Catalytic Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Environment, Energy, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology

・Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Department of Tourism Science 
   The English site is under reconstruction, so please use machine translation of the Japanese site into English or other languages.
  ➡Link to original site: https://tourism.cpark.tmu.ac.jp/tourism/ja/index.html
    Natural Environment Management, Regional Planning and Management, Behavioral and Management Sciences


In addition to the above programs, there are other fields of study where students are actively accepted as regular students to obtain degrees in English depending on the laboratory/supervisor.

 ・Graduate School of Science ➡Link to the original site:

 ・Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences ➡Link to original site:

 ・Graduate School of Systems Design ➡Link to original site:

 ・Graduate School of Human Health Sciences ➡Link to original site:


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