TMU Internationalization Basic Policies

TMU has established the Internationalization Basic Policies aimed at promoting the creation of an international educational research environment.

※The "TMU Internationalization Basic Policies and Action Plan" was revised in July 2022. The English version is currently under preparation. Please click here for the Japanese version.


Tokyo Metropolitan University established the Internationalization Basic Policies in February 2014 to strategically promote internationalization as it recognizes the creation of an international educational research environment as one of the highest priorities.
For the realization of the basic policies, TMU presents the basic ideas for its implementation in three sectors including the internationalization of education, the internationalization of research and the internationalization of campus.

Tokyo Metropolitan University Internationalization Basic Policies

February 2014

1. Basic policies
  • To create an educational and research environment that supports internationalization.
  • To deploy proactive international cooperation with universities and other institutions around the world.
  • To promote the creation of human resources and knowledge that contribute to global development.
2. The directionality of the implementation
(1) Internationalized education

(1.1) To develop a world-class educational program
(1.2) To develop a collaborative educational program by utilizing international cooperation
(1.3) To enhance the learning and living environment for increased acceptance of international students
(1.4) To speed up the efforts aimed at expanding the sending of students to overseas

(2) Internationalized research

(2.1) To promote international joint research and international consignment research
(2.2) To promote the dissemination of research information to overseas
(2.3) To promote the establishment of a research environment and research support system

(3) Internationalized campus

(3.1) To establish a system for an organization and personnel promoting internationalization
(3.2) To expand international PR activities
(3.3) To promote a multicultural, multilingual society on campus