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Minor course (Human Health Sciences)

Study in specialist areas outside your major.

Take combined, interdisciplinary programs in specialized education, in addition to your major.

A minor course in Human Health Sciences is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. Teachers of Health Promotion Science of the Department of Human Health Sciences are assigned to the course.

The minor course is designed for students to learn, in an interdisciplinary and practical manner, problems of human behavior, adaptation, nutrition and health in big cities, and the aging society, acquire comprehensive views and specialized insight and knowledge, and become a person who is energetic and mentally and physically balanced.

A certificate of completion of a minor course is given to graduating students.

Diverse model plans

Combined learning to acquire new perspectives
  • Become an expert in food and nutrition!
    Food functions and health science, health management and nutrition, nutritional science, public health, life-stage health science, biological defense, health science, among other areas
  • Focus on sports!
    Sports pedagogy, sports and nutritional care, sports functional anatomy, theory of exercise prescription, cognitive ethology, theory of exercise culture, among other areas.
  • Lean applied physiology and biochemistry!
    Environmental physiology and biochemistry, behavioral neuroscience, food functions and health science, biological defense and health science, nutritional science, theory of exercise prescription, among other area
  • Discover the wonders of the human mind!
    Theory of perceptual motion control, exercise psychology, theory of exercise culture, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive ethology, physical growth, and development science, among other areas

* The Health and Exercise Instructors Training Program was created in fiscal 2011. It will be included in the scope of application from fiscal 2010.

Website of Human Health Sciences minor course (Japanese site) External Link

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