Minor course

These specialized courses are designed to help students acquire an interdisciplinary perspective.
Students can take specialized courses in specific fields that differ from their main major (faculty and department).

Mathematical and Data Science minor course

Creating value in your area of expertise through data science knowledge

Data science is a cross-disciplinary field that deals with various approaches to solving scientific problems based on data, using mathematics and statistics as a foundation. If you study these fields, you will be able to understand data accurately in various situations, acquire the ability to judge things scientifically, and be able to explain things persuasively.

Tourism Management minor course

This course is designed for students who wish to work in the field of community development or in the tourism industry.

The "Tourism Management Internship" is a practical training-type lecture for the summer of junior year, in which students gain about 2 weeks of work experience at a tourism-related company or organization. In the "Tourism Business Seminar," which is taken in conjunction with the internship, students conduct preliminary research on business models in the tourism industry and the companies to which they will be sent. One of the programs is the "Keidanren Internship" organized by the Japan Business Federation, where students gain work experience at a representative tourism-related company in Japan and make a final presentation in a solemn atmosphere.

Human Health Sciences minor course

A minor course in Human Health Sciences is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. Teachers from the Health Promotion Sciences Department of the Graduate School of Human Health Sciences are assigned to the course.

The minor course is designed for students to learn, in an interdisciplinary and practical manner, problems of human behavior, adaptation, nutrition and health in big cities, and the aging society, acquire comprehensive views and specialized insight and knowledge, and become a person who is energetic and mentally and physically balanced.
A certificate of completion of a minor course is given to graduating students.

model plans

Combined learning to acquire new perspectives

  • Become an expert in food and nutrition!
    Food functions and health science, health management and nutrition, nutritional science, public health, life-stage health science, biological defense, health science, among other areas
  • Focus on sports!
    Sports pedagogy, sports and nutritional care, sports functional anatomy, theory of exercise prescription, cognitive ethology, theory of exercise culture, among other areas.
  • Learn applied physiology and biochemistry!
    Environmental physiology and biochemistry, behavioral neuroscience, food functions and health science, biological defense and health science, nutritional science, theory of exercise prescription, among other areas
  • Discover the wonders of the human mind!
    Theory of perceptual motion control, exercise psychology, theory of exercise culture, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive ethology, physical growth, and development science, among other areas
  • The Health and Exercise Instructors Training Program was created in fiscal 2011. It has been included in the scope of applications from fiscal 2010.

Global Education Program(Global Human Resources Development Entrance Exam)

Global leaders with advanced expertise

The Global Education Program is designed for undergraduate students who have been admitted through the Entrance Examination for Global Human Resource Development. Through small-group education to cultivate the language skills necessary for study abroad, extensive study abroad support by international minor advisors, and mandatory study abroad, we offer an educational program that enables students to acquire advanced language skills, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to diverse cultures. Our goal is to nurture individuals who, armed with the specialized knowledge and skills acquired in the major, will be able to exercise leadership on the front lines of international society with an international outlook in the future.

*Starting from the academic year 2025, eligible students with strong English proficiency will have the opportunity to pursue the Global Education Program regardless of their admission category. For details, please click here.