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Law and politics affect various aspects of our life, and therefore, the study and the research at the Faculty of Law is useful for any student. The faculty offers a variety of classes in law and politics, through which students are encouraged to study broadly and intensively, to develop their own unique abilities.

Students are required to select one course, the Division of Law or the Division of Political Science, while students from each division can learn both law and politics freely. Seminars are held in small groups, and students can learn each topic intensively. Students who graduate from the Faculty of Law earn a bachelor’s degree in Law. All the lectures are conducted in Japanese.

After graduation, students can continue their study and research at the Department of Law and Politics within the Graduate School of Law and Politics.

Department of Law

Division of Law
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Students can study a wide range of fundamental legal subjects, alongside specialized and applied subjects. The knowledge and thinking skills acquired through learning will be vital to understanding the fundamental aspects of social order, and toward social development. Many graduates are now playing an active role in society as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, civil servants, or corporate employees that engage in legal work.

Division of Political Science
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We offer a balanced curriculum in politics and public administration, ranging from political history and thought to cutting-edge quantitative analysis. Furthermore, courses in law such as constitution, administrative law or international law are available. Through such a curriculum, students are expected to acquire the latest knowledge in politics and public affairs, and to become “all-rounders” qualified for any field in both the public and private sectors.

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