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Student Interview

International students have come to study at Tokyo Metropolitan University for their own reasons and dreams.
They are from a variety of different nations and regions of Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
What motivated them to study in Japan and at Tokyo Metropolitan University? How do they feel about the learning experience?

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"Having support from Japanese classmates in the classroom makes me happy. I aspire to build secure buildings in China in the future after studying architecture in Japan."

China flag

Dichen YANG

From China

First-year student,
Division of Architecture and Urban Studies,
Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences

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"TMU offers proactive interaction with Japanese students in the classroom and dormitory. My future goal is to be involved in research about Japan."

Austria flag


From Austria

First-year student, Master's Course,
Division of Humanities and Intercultural Studies,
Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts
(Exchange Student)

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"TMU offers extensive programs for international students. Tutors also help me learn practical everyday Japanese."

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From England

Third-year student,
International Culture Course,
Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts
(Exchange student)

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"The dream of studying abroad came true with the help of a scholarship offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The common language of the Nomura Laboratory is English, and it is very helpful."

Thailand flag


From Thailand

Third-year student, Doctoral Course,
Department of Chemistry,
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
(“Asian Human Resources Fund” International Student Special Selection)

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"I am grateful for the generous support given by the staff of the International Center. TMU offers a great environment to push forward with research under the guidance of prestigious professors."

Turkey flag


From Turkey

First-year student, Doctoral Course,
Department of Human Mechatronics Systems,
Faculty of System Design,
Graduate School of System Design
(Japanese Government Scholarship student)

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"TMU is the very image of university I had dreamed of. I am studying the pedagogy of Japan and China in a great academic environment."

China flag

Qiu Yue LU

From China

First-year student, Master’s Course,
Department of Human Sciences,
Pedagogy, Graduate School of Humanities

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"Japan provides a path that Asians should aim for. TMU offers one of the highest level of education in Asia."

Malaysia flag

Mohd Rizaldin Bin MAHMUD

From Malaysia

Third-year student, Doctoral Course,
Department of Tourism Science,
Graduate Schools of Urban Environmental Sciences
(“Asian Human Resources Fund” International Student Special Selection)

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