Franzen Emanuel

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From Sweden

Graduated in March 2020.
School of Business Administration, Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts

I entered Tokyo Metropolitan University by way of a Japanese language school, and am currently studying business administration. There is a broad scope of learning involved with business administration, and I attend classes where I learn organizational structure and behavior, as well as accounting classes recording all business transactions in detail. I find the marketing and finance classes particularly interesting. In the marketing class, we think about consumer behavior to corporate strategy and learn about strategic capital sourcing and utilization in finance. I would like to deepen my knowledge because finance is used all over the world, and there should be a wide range of applications in the future. There is a difficult side to taking classes and exams in Japanese, but I have acquired a body language unique to Japan. The TMU curriculum is very flexible, and if it is within business administration, the only two courses required are English and information. I can concentrate on the subjects I want to focus on because I do not have to take Japanese courses like at other universities. After graduation I would like to find employment in Japan. I would like to improve my Japanese skills by then so that I will be able to work without difficulties and I will be happy if I can eventually become a bridge connecting Japan to the world.

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