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Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

Aiming to establish Urban Environmental Sciences as a scientific system with a world-class research organization

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The Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences is developing world-leading international research activities in various fields. Observations and analysis are used to explain the mutual interactions between the various components of an urban environment, including human beings, material, energy, information, human-made objects and natural environment. By developing methodologies that make it possible to predict, design, and control each of these components in any space and at any time, this department is striving to establish urban environmental sciences as a branch of science that is conducive to the construction of cities that will continue to develop.

It is also promoting advanced research in specialized research fields related to the components of urban environments, as well as in new fields that integrate those components, and is striving to cultivate individuals who, exercising their ability to identify and solve problems, will be able to lead the mega-cities of the world into the future.


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The configuration of the graduate school of urban environmental sciences

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