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Administrative reorganization of the university is planned from April 2018.

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Division of Nature- and Culture-based Tourism

The discoveries, preservation and improvements are utilized to cultivate human resources who can radiate regional charms and values.

Division of Nature- and Culture-based Tourism Image

The course of Nature- and Culture-based Tourism is mainly made up of two fields. The first is concerned with ecotourism, rural tourism and environmental issues, and studies the balance between preservation and reasonable utilization of environmental resources through geographical and ecological approaches. This field contributes to the sustainability of environmental management and control. The other field is concerned with urban tourism, restructuring and planning, and studies reasonable utilization of urban resources through planning and engineering approaches.


Original SiteDivision of Nature- and Culture-based Tourism External Link (Japanese Site)
※ May 1, 2014
Graduate SchoolGraduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
Department of Tourism Science

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The configuration of the division of nature- and culture-based tourism

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