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Department of Computer Science

Creating social value through programming and mathematical, logical thinking

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As we enter the 21st century, with the growth of the Internet, advances in computing technology, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, multimedia, and social media, we have arrived in the era of big data. It can be said that these factors are all the result of information technology, and with the rapid arrival of new technologies around the world, social risk factors are diversifying. In the face of unknown circumstances that occur on a daily basis, it has become imperative for us to train people to succeed on a global scale, using information technology proficiently to make the correct decisions, while taking future trends into account. In the Department of Computer Science, we aim to train software engineers to succeed internationally, master advanced information technology, and flexibly adapt in such rapidly changing times.


*Some specialized programs will be held at Hino Campus from the 2nd year (half).
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Department of Computer Science

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