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Administrative reorganization of the university is planned from April 2018.

If you wish to confirm the status of your faculty or graduate school after the reorganization(from 2018 academic year), please consult the “After reorganization (from 2018 academic year)”.

Division of Aerospace Engineering

Opening the doors to aerospace with innovative knowledge, skills plus the future-oriented adventurous spirit.

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In this division, students are expected to learn basic concepts and systems engineering for designing and developing aircraft and spacecraft as well as to study the related cutting-edge-technologies such as space communications technology and remote sensing technology. The education program includes a variety of laboratory experiments using substantial experimental facilities such as subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels and space chambers.


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※ May 1, 2014
Graduate SchoolGraduate School of System Design
Department of Aerospace Engineering

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The configuration of the division of aerospace engineering

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