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Department of Humanities

Cross-sectional learning in eight humanities programs with the common motto of freedom and independence

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The humanities comprise philosophy (the origin of all academic disciplines) as well as related humanities subjects. The humanities encompasses a wide range of fields, including the Western classical authors of Greece and Rome, archeology and history with their study of humanity’s past, the cultures of the five major linguistic families (which have been the main source of human culture, art and literature, etc.), and the new field of cultural representation theory, which emphasizes research theory. The curriculum in the Department of Humanities attaches great importance to the freedom and self-directedness which are fundamental aspects of university education, encouraging students not only to acquire knowledge in individual fields, but also to actively pursue interdisciplinary learning that straddles different fields of study, for example by combining history and philosophical thought, religion and socio logy, language and culture, or temporal and spatial approaches, etc.


Graduate SchoolGraduate School of Humanities
Department of Philosophy, History and Cultural Studies
Department of Intercultural Studies

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