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Department of Human and Social Sciences

The research methods may differ, but the primary requirement for all seven programs is an interest in people and society

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The social studies discipline examines the relationship between people and society from a social science perspective. It seeks to cultivate in students a broadminded attitude toward the differing values that different communities have evolved, a willingness to undertake thorough fieldwork, and precise information-gathering abilities and critical thinking skills, so that they are able to address the various problems that affect contemporary society. In this field of study, it is possible to acquire-through social investigation, practical training etc.―the problem―solving skills needed to be able to tackle (from both theoretical and practical approaches) the issues affecting people and society. Majoring in social studies not only helps the student to acquire the basic requirements of a cultivated, well-rounded member of society, it is also directly useful for choosing the career that one wishes to follow in the future.


Graduate SchoolGraduate School of Humanities
Department of Behavioral Social Sciences
Department of Human Sciences

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