[Event]Advanced Research Presentations

Thursday 20 November 2014,13:30-15:50, Minami-Osawa Campus, International House, Conference Room 140

Tokyo Metropolitan University accepts outstanding students from Asian countries to carry out “Asia Advanced Research,” so-called the state-of-art research, which helps develop Asian countries and find solutions for problems that large cities are facing. This program will be featuring the presentations of research projects designated as advanced research in 2011, given by representatives of academic staff and international students of the projects.
(*Presentations given mainly in English.)

Date & Time:Thursday 20 November 2014,13:30-15:50

Venue:Minami-Osawa Campus, International House, Conference Room 140
*Free and open to the public, no registration required


13:30-13:35 Opening speech by Fumio Harashima (Ph.D) (University President)

13:35-14:05 Advanced Composite Structures and Aerospace Technology for Next-Generation Aircraft
                     Masato ASAI (Prof.)
                     Graduation School of System Design

14:10-14:40 Using Stable Isotope Methodology for Food Safety, Health and Longevity
                     Tatsuya FUJINO (Assoc. Prof.)
                     Graduation School of Science & Engineering

14:45-15:15 The Long-Term Safety for Aging Urban Infrastructure Constructions
                     Kimitaka UJI (Prof.)
                     Graduation School of Urban Environmental Sciences

15:20-15:50 Artificial Photosynthesis from Sunlight
                     Haruo INOUE (Prof.)
                     Center for Artificial Photosynthesis


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