TMU was held "Kick Off Workshop for the Research Center for Gold Chemistry "

May 14・15, 2014 at International House, Minami-Osawa Campus

Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) set up four research centers from 2012 to 2013. Distinguished groups exploring new frontiers of science and unique groups conducting special research reflecting the missions of TMU are designated as Research Centers to expand their research activity. The “Research Center for Gold Chemistry” (RCGC) is one of the four and is directed by Professor Masatake Haruta, who has been known as a Nobel Prize candidate.
To celebrate the start of RCGC in a new building, RCGC held an international kick off workshop on “Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Gold: from Nanoparticles to Clusters” at International House (TMU) on May 14 (Wed.)-15 (Thu.) 2014.


In this workshop the latest research achievements were presented by top-rank scientists from domestic and overseas and by young growing scientists from domestic and china.

Scene of the workshop1 Scene of the workshop2 Scene of the workshop3

Laboratory Tour to RCGC's new building:

In addition to the lecture session, the Workshop provided Laboratory Tour for the participants on May 15(Thu) 2014. The RCGC’s new building has been just opened May 14(Wed) 2014.

Scene of the Laboratory Tour 1 Scene of the Laboratory Tour 2 Scene of the Laboratory Tour 3

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