Selected for “the FY2013 Re-Inventing Japan Project - Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas” by MEXT

Tokyo Metropolitan University, together with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Ibaraki University, has made an application to have the “ASEAN initiative to educate next generation talents leading environment-friendly food supply, technological innovation and regional planning” adopted under the FY2013 Re-Inventing Japan Project. The FY2013 Re-Inventing Japan Project is an assistant project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology to support efforts for global education cooperation to send Japanese students to overseas universities and accept international students, while aiming to achieve quality assurance in higher education in order to foster human resources capable of working actively in global fields and strengthen the global expansion of university education. The initiative has been recently adopted under the project.


The details of screening results are here.