International Center organized Global Discussion Camp (GDC) in August 2023.

Global Discussion Camp 2023

International Center at Tokyo Metropolitan University organized Global Discussion Camp (referred to GDC hereafter) in August 2023. GDC is a 5-day intensive cultural exchange that offers TMU students and students from strategic partners to engage in lively discussions on contentious topics. During their 5-day stays at Tokyo Metropolitan University, students were divided into four groups and explored two topics of their interests through fieldtrips and discussions with their group members afterward. These first-hand experiences gave the students opportunities to exchange their opinions and revisit the assignments they completed before their arrivals in Tokyo. On a final day, each group gave a presentation on their research and experiences in Japan. GDC led the students to realize cultural differences, embrace diversity, and get to know each other in a personal level. By the end of GDC, all enjoyed cross-cultural interactions, and some became very good friends.



Reimagining Japan

Group Topic 1: Gender Diversity
Group Topic 2: Globalization of Education
Group Topic 3: Representation of Social Unrest
Group Topic 4: Decarbonization Initiatives 


Date      Program
August 4 Orientation (online)
*Prior to orientation, students worked on preparatory assignments provided for each topic.
August 21 ・Keynote speech (Professor Masayoshi Noguchi, vice president in charge of International Affairs and director of the International Center)
・Welcome Lunch
・Group Work
August 22 ・Field Study
 - Gender Diversity: A visit to Ochanomizu University to attend a lecture by Professor Emeritus Toru Miura of Ochanomizu University and tour its historical archives
 - Globalization of Education: A visit to the Japan Foundation to attend a lecture
 - Representation of Social Unrest: A lecture on Tokyo Tower by Mr. Shinya Ogura, head of the Tourism Division at TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd., and a tour of Tokyo Tower
・Group Work
August 23 ・Field Study
 - Decarbonization Initiatives: A lecture on climate change strategy by the Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government A lecture on the Umi-no-Mori Project by the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and a tour of the proposed site for Umi-no-Mori Park
・Group Work
August 24 Group work (presentation preparation)
August 25 ・Presentations by each group
・Farewell Lunch

*TMU students took an English for Studying Abroad course (seminar, skill improvement) in preparation for participation in the above program.



・Tokyo Metropolitan University(Japan): 8 students
・University of Leicester(England): 6 students
・University of Seoul(South Korea): 4 students
・University of Malaya(Malaysia): 5 students



・Associate Professor Senjo Nakai, Associate Professor Sae Shimauchi, Associate Professor Lidia Sasaki, Associate Professor Daisuke Ito, and Professor Ikuko Okamura, from International Center
・Members of the International Affairs Office


Comments from participating students
It’s challenging. I made life-long friends. Soon, I am going to Korea to visit the home of a friend I made during the program. It’ll make life more interesting!
(Comment from a TMU student. Originally written in Japanese.)                                   
It’s an overwhelming five days, I'm sure it will be a very educational five days for everyone. It is fun to talk with others of the same generation.
(Comment from a TMU student. Originally written in Japanese.)
Daring to participate in this program even though I wasn’t confident in my English has shown me the joy of communicating in English, and has increased my motivation to learn English. I strongly recommend participating in this program.
(Comment from a TMU student. Originally written in Japanese.)
It is an interesting and fun cultural exchange program. I learned many new things
(Comment from a University of Malaya student)
I absolutely loved the opportunity to travel to Japan and learn more about its culture. I loved this program because, not only did I get to talk about serious topics, I got the chance to make a lot of friends!
(Comment from a University of Leicester student)
I enjoyed it a lot. It was so helpful and such a great opportunity to meet various people and to learn new things
(Comment from a University of Seoul student)
I loved the program. Everything was great and I had so much fun!
(Comment from a University of Leicester student)


Field Study (Ochanomizu University)



Field Study (the Japan Foundation)



Field Study (Tokyo Tower)



Field Study (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment, Bureau of Port and Harbor (the proposed site for Umi-no-Mori Park))



Presentations, group photos