Dear international students who are waiting to enter Japan

We would like to express our sincere respect to you for maintaining a strong will to pursue your academic studies at Tokyo Metropolitan University, despite the difficult circumstances that have caused such a long delay in your entry to Japan.

On March 1, the Japanese government eased some of the restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals into Japan. International students who have been admitted to TMU will be able to enter Japan in a sequential order, but we are afraid that it will take some more time before your actual entry takes place.

If there is any new development in the policy of the Japanese government, we will promptly notify you through your department. We are also examining what kind of support we can offer you even after the standard time needed to complete your degree program, so that you can complete your studies at TMU without any concerns.

We sincerely hope to see you on our campus soon.

Takaya Ohashi, President
Masao Ayabe, Vice President for International Affairs
Tokyo Metropolitan University