Change of the University's Japanese Name

The Japanese name of Tokyo Metropolitan University will be changed from “首都大学東京 (Shuto-Daigaku-Tokyo)” to “東京都立大学 (Tokyo-Toritsu-Daigaku)” effective April 1, 2020. Accordingly, the university’s symbol will also be changed as shown below. The English name “Tokyo Metropolitan University” will remain unchanged.

image-2 image-3
Up to March 31, 2020 From April 1, 2020

Tokyo Metropolitan University is the only public university founded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Since its opening in 2005, we have produced 27,000 alumni, and currently have 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students. We have developed steadily through the concerted effort of all university members to pursue reforms in various areas of education, research, social contribution, and globalization.

Our university’s new Japanese name “東京都立大学 (Tokyo-Toritsu-Daigaku)” clearly indicates that the university was established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and this renaming will serve as an opportunity for us to achieve further development. As the only public prefectural university in Tokyo, one of the leading metropolitan cities of the world, Tokyo Metropolitan University is committed to increasing its presence not only by honing its educational and research capabilities as the university’s core function, but also by passing on their outcomes more than ever to the city of Tokyo as a think tank of the metropolis.