Academic Staff Exchange Program with Overseas Universities

In 2017, TMU implemented an academic staff exchange program in which TMU invites outstanding professors from overseas as well as sends our outstanding professors to overseas universities to conduct lectures and seminars at both sides. The objective of this program is to broaden the global perspectives of our students by offering an opportunity to experience lectures conducted by overseas professors.

We have done 14 cases of exchanging professors in AY 2017, and are planning to carry out 13 cases for AY 2018.

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A professor invited from the University of Sheffield, UK, conducts a seminar at TMU.

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Lectures and seminars were given by a professor invited from the University of Gdański, Poland.  Undergraduate and graduate students as well as international students participated.  The Polish professor taught about annual fairs, events and food of European countries including Poland, and offered a workshop at which students actually cooked polish food and Japanese food. Participating students commented that was a valuable opportunity to learn about European cultures through food culture, and that the academic staff exchange program helped them very much broaden their horizons.