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Admission Policy


TMU seeks students equipped with basic academic ability and the following qualities

  1. Intellectual curiosity
  2. Distinctive personality,originality and creativity
  3. Respect for personal relationships and the desire to contribute to society
  4. Ambition and a willingness to make an extra effort

Admission test for undergraduate students


Tokyo Metropolitan University has four faculties, three of which except for the Faculty of Health Sciences, require applicants to take the entrance examination. Students will earn bachelor’s degrees upon graduation once they complete the compulsory subjects and credits required by the schools, divisions, and programs.
The admissions test and classes are provided in Japanese. Proficiency in the Japanese competence is thus a critical prerequisite for enrollment.

Application Guidelines
(academic year 2020)

Admission test for graduate school students


Since each graduate school manages its own recruitment and screening, students wishing to enroll as graduate students are encouraged to visit the website of the school they are interested in for application guidelines.

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