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Student Facilities


TMU provides student accommodations in order to ensure that students have a positive environment conducive to learning. The University also provides off-campus accommodations for international students.

Shuttle Buses

Sports Facilities

The gymnasium on the Minami-osawacampus is a beautiful arch-like, two-storied building equipped with an arena (3 basketball courts), a heated indoor pool (25m, 6courses), a Judo hall, a Kendo (Japanese fencing) hall, a training room, a running track, and men's and women's changing rooms with coin lockers and showers. In addition, there are outdoor facilities including 6 tennis courts (omni), a baseball field, an athletics track and field, a ball game ground, a Kyudo (archery) hall, golf practice ranges, and a running course. There is also a clubhouse for use by student sports clubs attached to the gymnasium. The Hino campus and Arakawa campus also have a gymnasium, a ground, tennis courts, and more.

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Student Refectory & Campus Store

There is a dining hall at each of the Minami-Osawa, Hino and Arakawa campuses. Students can choose from various dishes made with seasonal ingredients at very reasonable prices.

There is a campus store called the Co-op at each of the Minami-Osawa, Hino and Arakawa campuses. Students are able to purchase food and books, and can even make travel arrangements. Co-op members are also eligible for special discounts. At the Minami-Osawacampus, there is also a convenience store where students can purchase snacks.

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