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Tokyo Metropolitan University operates an Open University as a center of life-long learning to satisfy the demands of working people and general citizens in Tokyo, and operating with the aim of revitalizing local communities. It is also designed to ensure that the results of the University's research are extensively returned t society. Since its open in 2005, the Open University has been attended by many citizens of many different ages and has earned an excellent reputation. It cooperates with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and its related organizations in offering attractive courses that are not available at any other universities. Besides the University's faculties, which operate at the forefront of their respective fields, many public figures and prominent experts are invited to teach unique courses.

Course categories (2009~)

General courses

Lecturers of Tokyo Metropolitan University teach more than 300 courses on ten subjects, easily explaining the latest themes.

Subjects: Heart, body/health, sports, economy and business, society, science/technology, language, history, art, literature/classics

Partnership courses

Based on partnerships with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, art and cultural facilities and research organizations of Tokyo offer attractive courses on history, art, music, environment, medicine, urban areas, transportation, and other subjects in a multidisciplinary manner.

Course titles: "Tokyo City Guide Examination Preparation Course", "Edo: relics and present", "Attractiveness of Kampo medicine" etc.

Current events seminars

Collaboratively held with Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center, the seminars discuss current events on labor and employment. Experts in many different fields are invited and explain related laws and systems, background to problems, and what needs to be done in the future.

Themes of lectures: "Observance of laws in employment", "Learn work, sharing from the basis", "Young people's view of the modern employment environment" etc.

Inquiries: Office of Institute for Extended Study (located in Minami-Osawa Campus)
Tel: 042-677-2362  Fax: 042-677-2364 External Link 

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