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Basic subjects group: Language subjects

The objective of these classes is to master English with strong speaking and listening abilities.

Language subjects

In a repetitive manner, students work on the four basic elements of language education: listening, speaking, reading, and writing and acquire practical English skills.

In particular, all students of the University must take the NSE (Native Speaker of English) course, which focuses on communication and is designed for students to better learn to speak and understand English.

Class grouping by using TOEIC as barometer in April of the year of admission and the end of January in the following year enables students to attend classes suitable for their own level and verify their progress in English-language skills.

Characteristics of Language subjects

  • Each class is composed of approximately 25 students by ability grouping.
  • Mastering conversational ability by lessons with NSE (native speakers of English)
  • Improving reading comprehension ability by lessons with Japanese teachers
  • Aiming for further up-skilling in the second year, building on the abilities acquired during the first year
Repetitive learning designed to help consistently improve English skills
Repetitive learning designed to help consistently improve English skills

The other language subjects (German, French, Chinese, Korean, and other languages)
Students can give oneself time in studying in small classes. The other language subjects are either recommended or required in all the faculties and divisions.

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