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Cultural subjects group

Cultural subject group is comprised of the subjects categorized in 4 themes; "City, Society, and Environment", "Culture, Arts, and History", "Life, Human, and Health", and "Science, Technology, and Industries", as well as "Synthesis Seminar". The object of this group is to acquire knowledge in each theme, deepen understanding, obtain wide-ranged cultural accomplishments needed for members of the society, and foster synthetic thinking power and problem-solving ability.

<City, Society, and Environment><Science, Technology, and Industries>
On the common theme of "City", students will understand and analyze phenomena and issues in the society from various viewpoints of history, geographical features, social and economic structures, administration, and environmental issues. Students will deepen knowledge and understanding of scientific approach towards development of science, technology, and industries, which are supporting the modern society, as well as global environment and human society.
<Culture, Arts, and History><Synthesis Seminar>
Students will learn history, arts, culture, and other factors of nations and regions around the world, including Japan, deepen their understanding, and foster wide vision to accept different cultures and societies.

Students will deepen their thinking on various problems and issues in the modern society though conversation with people in different areas, gain an insight into true nature of the problems, and foster ability to work for solving issues with responsible attitude as members of the society.

※Synthesis Seminar will be opened in the academic year of 2015.
<Life, Human, and Health>
Students will deepen knowledge and understanding of the very nature of life, human thinking and behavior, health, and other issues.

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