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Basic subjects group:Career education subjects

Through 4 years of learning, students will acquire ability, basic and necessary for members of society and professionals, and foster creativity and flexible expertise that can meet various changes including that in the industrial structure.

"Learning to become 'Global Human Resources'" and "Career Formation"

Information Education

Students will acquire knowledge on fundamental structures of economy, society, employment, business start-up, and other important issues. They will also understand minimum knowledge for building careers as necessary skills for one's own future.

Highlights from the class

"Learning to become 'Global Human Resources'"

Discussion by group or entire class on what and how students must learn in order to become human resources (global human resources) required by companies and society amid globalization. Through such proactive learning, they will also acquire learning habit to pursue fulfilling learning during college days. This way, they can prepare for modern professional and social life in the knowledge society, where we are required to continue studying through our life, and in which creative intelligence is a source of corporative competitiveness and economic growth of the nation.

Onsite internship

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