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Internship Program

Learn from experience and acquire real skills

Internships involve students working at a company or other organization for work experience for a certain period.

Tokyo Metropolitan University offers two different kinds of internships. Our on-the-job type internship is an experiment- and experience-oriented course in our Urban Liberal Arts Program and is given in early part of the student's years at university. Our other kind of internship involves specialized training given to senior year students for pre-employment experience.

The on-the-job type internship takes place first and aims to develop students' awareness about problems through real work experience in the major city of Tokyo, so that they can hone their ability to proactively tackle problems.

Our second internship for 3rd year and older students involves specialized education and relates to students' future careers.

On-the-job type internship

* Mainly designed for 1st and 2nd year students

  • On-the-job experience in the major city of Tokyo where many challenges can be found
  • Through lectures and practical training, students acquire the basic knowledge and skills they will need for their careers
On-the-job type internship

On-the-job type internship page of the website of the Career Development Support Section (Japanese site) External Link

Internship as specialized courses

* Mainly for 3rd year students and 1st year master's students (see detailed information of courses and departments)

Pre-employment on-the-job experience

Internship page of the website of Career Development Support Section (Japanese site) External Link

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