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Committee related to Education

Faculty Development Committee (Faculty Development Activities at TMU)

Led by the Faculty Development Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan University undertakes many activities to facilitate a University-wide commitment to improving its educational activities, including its teaching methods.

About Faculty Development

Faculty development refers to an organizational commitment to helping teachers improve what they teach in class and how.

Intellectual Career Support Committee

Tokyo Metropolitan University has set up the Intellectual Career Support Committee as a standing committee, and pursues a broad commitment to facilitating cooperation among different faculties and schools and to helping the students of Tokyo Metropolitan University build their intellectual careers in a way suited to their needs.

Definition of intellectual career support

Comprehensive support for encouraging all students to develop their careers and achieve independence, through educational courses focused on the acquisition and exploration of greater intelligence.

Intellectual career support is regarded as:

A new complementary mechanism for support across the University, respecting independence and previous commitments made by faculties, schools, and courses. This is not a system to replace conventional commitments in each course.

Defining a “career”

A career is defined as the collective unit and process of changes in social role, profession, and position of a human being throughout his/her career as well as related values. Generally, it refers to the direction a person takes, their profession, and their way of life.

Career education is meant to demonstrate the philosophy and direction, for extensively reviewing and reforming conventional practices of education, from the perspective of encouraging each student to develop their career and become independent.

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