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Student Support

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center supports campus life. The Student Support Center consists of the Student Affairs Section, the Career Development Section and The Health Center (Student Advisory Center and Health Center Office).The Student Affairs Section conducts services ranging from club activities and other extracurricular activities to information on available scholarships. Outstanding students can apply for full/half exemption of tuition at each term.There are also Counselors for Academic and Personal Development who provide counseling services from the perspective of career development. The counseling covers interpersonal relations, academic problems, career planning and other issues relating to campus life.

The Career Development Support Section provides support for employment, through detailed employment consultation services and various other types of guidance. Information about the latest job offers is also available at the Employment Support Section.

Student Counseling Center

During their period of study, it is only natural that students may sometimes feel uneasy or encounter certaindifficulties. The Student Counseling Section has counselors on hand to provide guidance at such times.

Consultations are held in strict confidence, enabling students to seek advice without stress, fear, or hesitation.

Health Center Office

A healthy body and a healthy mind are extremely important in pursuing one's studies. The Health Center Office provides support so that students can enjoy a meaningful campus life in good mental and physical health. Please feel free to drop into the Health Center at any time.

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