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"The dream of studying abroad came true with the help of a scholarship offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The common language of the Nomura Laboratory is English, and it is very helpful."

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From Thailand

Third-year student, Doctoral Course,
Department of Chemistry,
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
(“Asian Human Resources Fund” International Student Special Selection)

Q1.Tell us how you decided to study abroad at TMU Japan?

At South Entrance of Minami-Osawa Campus

I have been studying organic chemistry since I entered university. I joined TMU to take a doctor’s course with a scholarship from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government because I have always dreamed of studying abroad. I chose TMU because I wanted to study under the guidance of Professor Kotohiro Nomura—a world-renowned professor in the field of molecular substances chemistry. For the future, I would like to return home to Thailand to obtain employment at a chemical enterprise.

Q2.How are you currently studying at TMU?

I specialize in the design of high-performance polymer catalysts for the synthesis of polymers, which are used as raw materials in plastics. Besides attending seminars, I also take a metalorganic chemistry class, which is taught entirely in English, and it is very helpful because I don’t understand Japanese. By the way, there are currently eight students from Thailand and three students from China at the Nomura Laboratory, and the common language is English.

Q3.How do you normally spend your day?

Schedule for the day

I go to the lab by 10 a.m. every day from Monday through Saturday and start my experiments. It sometimes takes time because other people use the same equipment. For lunch, I eat at the school cafeteria with friends, and for dinner, I go back to my dormitory and eat with my roommates. I share a room with a Chinese student and a Malaysian student who study at TMU. Each student is given a private bedroom, and each shares a kitchen and bathroom with roommates. After dinner, I go back to the lab and stay there past 10 p.m. most of the time. When I return to my room again at night, I talk to my mother via Skype nightly and go to bed after taking a shower.

Q4.How do you normally spend your days off?

On Sundays, I often go back to the lab to do my experiments. Since there are no other students, I find it convenient to speed up the progress of my experiments. For a switch, I take a breather by traveling around the Minami-Osawa area by bicycle or go on short trips. I also visited Yamanashi last month. In addition, I traveled to attend an academic conference in Hokkaido and Kyoto, as well as the neighboring country, China, last year. Another thing is that I often host parties at home and at the lab to enjoy a pleasant time by inviting people of diverse nationalities.

Q5.What is it like to be living in Japan and being part of TMU?


I was impressed by Japan’s well-advanced transportation network and the high level of services. I find it convenient because I can get around by train and bus without needing a car, and it is easy to travel with less traffic congestion. Everybody has a smile on their faces and the salespersons in the stores are also friendly. At TMU, all students are friendly, making it easy for me to make Japanese friends. For the first two years, I had a tutor who looked after every part of my life in minute detail. Now that I am in my third year, my friends at the lab provide support in the same way as the tutor.

Q6.A message for international students looking to study at TMU.

TMU is not only well staffed with prestigious professors who teach students in a careful manner, but also it is fully equipped with great equipment, realizing an ideal environment for studying. There is an array of various activities planned by the International Center and by students, creating an opportunity to interact between international students and Japanese students. What’s more, TMU has beautiful campuses that mix together the cultures of Japan and Europe, and my teacher from Thailand was also impressed with the beautiful campuses of TMU. Even though I came to Japan without much knowledge of TMU, I certainly enjoy life here whole-heartedly.

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