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"Japan provides a path that Asians should aim for. TMU offers one of the highest level of education in Asia."

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Mohd Rizaldin Bin MAHMUD

From Malaysia

Third-year student, Doctoral Course,
Department of Tourism Science,
Graduate Schools of Urban Environmental Sciences
(“Asian Human Resources Fund” International Student Special Selection)

Q1.Tell us why you decided to study abroad at TMU in Japan?

While Japan is among the most advanced countries in Asia, it has always treasured the country’s unique culture and religion. In Malaysia, it became increasingly popular for up-to-date knowledge to be brought in from Europe and the United States, making the people more Westernized accordingly. I wanted to expand my knowledge academically to develop my skills while putting emphasis on keeping my own individuality and identity. In that sense, I thought Japan provided a path that Asians should aim for. TMU offers one of the highest levels of education in Asia, and it fits my purpose as it is abound with talented human resources and well-equipped facilities.

Q2.What type of research are you working on now?

In the tea-ceremony room, International House, Minami-Osawa Campus

I am mainly engaged in the study of hydrology centering on rainfall. A leading-edge sensor is used to measure rainfall, and I think it will be useful for tourism in tropical regions such as Malaysia. As I grew up in a rural area in the tropics where there is much rain and a rich forest, it was only natural for me to be conscious of the environment. My goal is to be able to report rainfall information to local people and tourists so as to avoid getting involved in floods and other natural disasters caused by rain.

Q3.Tell us about your research life at TMU.

It has been three years since I studied abroad for a doctoral degree at TMU, and my doctoral dissertation is finally in its last stage. At present, I mainly work on data analysis and simulation development in the lab. Needless to say, I also discuss with the academic staff in charge. For data collection, I go outdoors and even go to Malaysia.

Q4.How do you normally spend your day?

Schedule for the day

I like living an ordered life, so I lead a life almost in the same way every day. I get up at 7 a.m. and take a light breakfast, such as coffee, juice, cookie, or bread with peanut butter before going to school. I live in an apartment located 10 minutes’ walk from TMU with other international students of TMU from Vietnam and Indonesia. I always stay for about eight hours at TMU and spend the majority of the time in the lab. I go back around 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and cook Malaysian dishes for dinner according to my lights. I call my mother to learn how to cook because I miss the taste of home. I go to bed around midnight to 1 a.m. after keeping a diary. Previously, although I used to teach English part-time, I am devoted to studying harder now.

Q5.What are your career plans after graduation?

My goal is to become a researcher and do a job that can contribute to Malaysia and international society. I also enjoy writing so I am also interested in becoming a journalist, and I even have a dream of starting my own business. When I go back, I want to get married and start a family.

Q6.How’s your campus life at TMU?


TMU offers extensive support and activities for international students, and students can improve themselves on this beautiful campus. Even though the environment is truly convenient, it is located in an extremely rare location, which is next to an outlet mall. The only drawback is that I spend too much money on shopping.

Q7.How do you spend your day when you have time?

I take part in an international soccer club, so weekends are the time when I play soccer all day long in Shibuya. The club has a mixture of students and working adults. It is extremely fun because I get to make friends with people from various countries. I also participate in a variety of academic conferences and symposiums, as well as walking around Tokyo’s sightseeing attractions.

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