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Department of Tourism Science

This department was established as the first department of Japanese university to promote tourism science as a scientific endeavor. In addition to conventional studies of tourism and tourism policy, it approaches tourism using scientific methods from geography and ecology, engineering methods from urban engineering and transportation engineering, practical methods of community development, and methods of information science which are involved the analysis and dissemination of tourism information and behaviors using IT tools.

Specifically, students study survey methods, analytical methods, and methods of expression to help them theoretically explain and propose plans related to tourism promotion, the preservation and appropriate use of the natural environment, and the creation of distinctive, creative communities. Joint research through industry-academia-business partnerships is actively pursued, with students participating in everything from the examination of a tourism site to the planning and implementation work, adopting a position in between the local community and the planners and project developers.

As the first certified school under the ECO-TOP Program, a training and certification system aimed at the preservation of the natural environment established by the Tokyo metropolitan government in 2008, TMU offers opportunities for students to gain real-world experience through internships and seminars hosted government agencies, companies and NPOs.


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