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Department of Urban Science

This department is involved in promoting research and cultivating people who will create orderly, effective urban en-vironments befitting a mature society by scientifically explor-ing the relationship between human activities and the spatial and social environments of cities. It features a collection of instructors with various specialties who take an interdisciplin-ary approach to cities.

This department is the successor of the former TMU Graduate School of Urban Science, which was launched in 1994 as the only graduate school offering a degree in urban science. Thus far, the department has awarded about 300 master’s degrees (in urban science and engineering) and about 50 doctorates (in urban science).

It attracts applicants from a variety of disciplines, from science and engineering to social science, the humanities, and health sciences, and accepts both international students and working-adult applicants. Students develop their own complex perspectives from which to view cities through their exchanges with instructors and fellow students while pursuing research based on the specialties they cultivated as undergraduates.

Job prospects after graduation include positions as government officials, corporate employees, planning consultants, researchers at institutions that study cities, subject matter experts at community development organizations, and university professors.


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