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Department of Architecture and Building Engineering

The Department of Architecture and Building Engineering aims to promote and conduct research on building beautiful, safe, and comfortable buildings and urban spaces in a sustainable society, and cultivate individuals who do the above. Students will contribute to society by conducting research on the appropriate maintenance of the existing stock of buildings and on the creation of buildings and urban spaces that are safe, comfortable, and appealing, while also reducing the environmental burdens. The department cultivates highly specialized individuals who study a wide range of theories and technologies related to architecture, and who have the ability to solve architectural problems.

Students engage in progressive and practical research to solve problems in the Basic Research Course, which covers the fields of architectural design and planning, urban planning, architectural history and design, building construction and materials, building structures, and building environments. In the Project Research Course, multiple instructors specializing in distinct academic fields form project teams and lead specific research projects to help students develop the practical skills they need for identifying and solving complex problems in the worlds of urban planning and architecture. Upon completing the requirements, students will be eligible for either a master’s degree (in engineering or architecture) or a doctoral degree (in engineering or architecture).


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