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Law School

Cultivating the legal profession that excels at practical abilities to solve legal issues concentrated in Tokyo.

The Law School aims to cultivate lawyers with the ability to solve the complex problems being faced by Tokyo and other large cities. It offers not only theoretical classes taught by professors who conduct research, but also classes taught by working professionals in their fields, such as lawyers, public prosecutors and judges. Students enjoy an education that balances the theoretical principles underlying the Law School and contemporary legal practice. The Law School has created an environment that is conducive to independent study, offering small class sizes that allow in-depth study of a topic and assigning each student their own study desk in the independent study lab. There are two programs offered by the Law School, a two-year program for law students and a three-year program for non-law students and working adults.
Tuition reductions and waivers are available to students with the highest grades. For details, see the law school’s pamphlet or website.


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3 year course
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