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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The manufacturing industry has an important role to play in resource-scarce Japan, and in today’s rapidly changing global environment, it must continue to grow dynamically while flexibly adapting to this ever-changing environment. To meet the needs of society today, the Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to cultivate creative individuals who will be active participants and next-generation leaders in the cutting-edge field of engineering, who possess an advanced level of expertise in their fields, and who are equipped with an international perspective and strong leadership skills.

The department has established three fields of research: mechanical structure and material engineering, thermal and fluid engineering, and mechanical system engineering. These strive to equip students with (1) problem-solving skills needed to supplement their robust, basic knowledge in mechanical engineering, (2) basic research skills that will enable them to select a basic research topic that forms the foundations of mechanical engineering or an applied research topic that contributes to the development of mechanical engineering, to conduct research on that topic, and to write a paper compiling their work and conclusions, and (3) an international outlook and communication skills that can be obtained through participation in international conferences and joint research activities with overseas universities and companies. This department is distinctive for the excellent environment it provides for both research and education, which gives students access to advanced research guidance in small classes.


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※ May 1, 2014

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