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Graduate School of Science and Engineering

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The Graduate School of Science and Engineering provides systematic and comprehensive basic knowledge in six different departments and offers a distinctive educational program that teaches students to identify and solve problems. By enabling students to take courses in related fields and actively offering them opportunities to gain experience in different areas, the graduate school aims to cultivate creative scientists and advanced specialists with a broad perspective.

In terms of research, the graduate school promotes basic and fundamental research conducted to the highest global standards, strives to further promote research in ways that allow basic research outcomes to be developed into practical applications, and promotes many large research projects that are supported by the national goverment. It actively encourages and supports research aimed at opening up new fields and germinating research promoted by young inrtructors.

To conduct outreach efforts that highlight how fascinating and exciting the fields of science and technology can be, the graduate school is also developing project plans for elementary, junior high, and high school sudents, as well as activities aimed at creating partnerships between high schools and junior high schools. It ascertains the needs for advanced continuing education in fields of science and technology (e.g., "recurrent education" for math and science teachers, doctoral programs for working adults) and implemants highly effective programs to meet those needs.


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Department■ Mathematics and Information Sciences
■ Physics
■ Chemistry
■ Biological Sciences
■ Electrical and Electronic Engineering
■ Mechanical Engineering
※ May 1, 2014

The configuration of the graduate school of science and engineering

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