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Department of Industrial Art

As we ride the current waves of intense social change, changing values, and technological innovation, there is a strong need for creators who are flexible, original, and creative thinkers capable of taking charge and quickly adapting to these new developments. To meet the current needs of society, this department aims to cultivate a new type of creator who creates, researches and practices new approaches, consepts and framework designs, and who envisions playing a leading role in changing the social framework.

Students are therefore encouraged to choose cross-sectional, multilayered research topics that cover a wide range of design-related fields that incorpotate engineering elements as well as socio-cultural elements. This department has two programs: Product Design, in which students develop things that will benefit both people and the environment, such as the design and human engineering of transportation systems and industrial products and spaces, and Media Creation, in which students create new communication styles through cutting-edge media technologies and artstic activities. By working across both fields, students are able to study even larger systems.


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※ May 1, 2014

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