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Department of Information and Communication Systems

In this day and age, the fields of information and communication are developing in unison, and education and research that integrate the two fields are urgently needed. This department sees the information and communication infrastructure as consisting of two fields, the information systems covering the basic technologies for acquiring, transmitting, processing, and managing information, and the communication systems covering the basic technologies for achieving the seamless distribution of information. Education and research emphasize the multilayered relationships involved in “media information processing”, that addresses value-added information processing based on the fundamental technologies above.

Industry, government, and education all seriously need to cultivate outstanding professionals who can promote cutting-edge research and education related to information and communication technologies. This department has developed a curriculum designed to equip students with the most recent and practical knowledge and research and development skills in the field of information and communication systems by offering advanced, specialized education and leading-edge, project-oriented research in relevant fields. The aim in doing so is to cultivate professionals who can contribute to the creation of an advanced, knowledge-oriented society with a dynamic industrial structure and the capacity for continued rapid growth.


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※ May 1, 2014

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