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Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Mechatronics engineering, which integrates mechanics with electronics, is a field that is continuing to develop in its role of supporting lifestyles and industry. We are currently facing such diverse and complex challenges as urban and environmental problems, societal aging, and welfare challenges, and solving these is going to require technologies that integrate engineering and systems that know people, protect people and support people.

In this department, students will learn important fields of engineering that form the basis of “broad mechatronics”, such as mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, control engineering, robotics, bioengineering, design engineering, and micro/nano-engineering & processing, and will be trained to play roles in some of the most cutting-edge industries. Through this training, the department strives to equip students with the knowledge needed to build engineering systems focused on human needs.

The curriculum covers programs in Controls and Robotics Engineering; Human and System Engineering; and Materials, Processing and Measurement Engineering. It provides project-based learning in conjunction with research guidance, and practical efforts are made to solve engineering challenges in collaboration with relevant companies and organizations.


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※ May 1, 2014

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