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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Engineering and Ph D degrees with a major in aerospace engineering. Students are expected to become engineers and researchers with engineering and problem solving skills, with an understanding of aerospace engineering from an international perspective, and will subsequently to be able to contribute to a number of different cutting-edge industries, including, but not limited to, aerospace.

The programs are categorized in the following five research fields:

  1. “Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics” including boundary-layer transition and CFD design of aircraft as a basis for the flight and propulsion of flying vehicles.
  2. “Propulsion Systems” for airplanes and rockets including development of hybrid rocket engines and electric space propulsion systems.
  3. “Structures and Materials” such as composite materials, smart structures, heat resistant materials and materials processed under microgravity environment.
  4. “Dynamics and Control” of flight systems and space infrastructures including large space structures and space robots.
  5. “Space Utilization Technology” related to satellite communications and navigation systems, remote sensing and space environmental technology.

The cooperative graduate school programs with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) also allow students to be supervised by guest professors in these research institutes.

Students are carefully guided to study a wide range of basic knowledge as well as skills to solve the practical problems. The department also aims at cultivating global engineers through joint research with foreign universities and aerospace institutes. Furthermore, students are highly encouraged to take up the challenge of developing next-generation aerospace technologies.


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