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Department of Philosophy, History and Cultural Studies

This department is comprised of three programs in Philosophy, History, and Cultural Studies.
The Philosophy Program covers the two fields of philosophy and the classics, covering the various periods of western philosophy from ancient Greece to contemporary Britain and the US. Students conduct research on theoretical studies of world structures from the perspectives of language and science, ethical studies on values and norms, and theoretical philosophy, which has strong ties to mathematics. The History Program strives to cultivate professionals and researchers who have the ability to think historically and are equipped with broad knowledge by integrating the study of Japanese, Eastern, and Western history as well as archaeology. The Cultural Studies Program addresses the diverse themes of art and culture from a broad perspective by focusing on artistic studies, including studies of imagery, visual culture, performing arts, music culture, traditional arts, and linguistic arts, as well as cultural studies, examining cultural phenomena from the perspectives of institutions, rights, the physical body, and the media.


Field Installation■ Philosophy
■ History
■ Cultural Studies
24 (Master’s)
20 (Doctoral)
※ May 1, 2014

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The configuration of the department of philosophy, history and cultural studies

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