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Department of Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy cultivates individuals who will explore occupational therapies based on theoretical and practical knowledge, acquire new knowledge, and demonstrate their creativity.

Physical Impairment Occupational Therapy Program: Students in this program explore the relationships between people, work, and the environment, as well as strategies for comprehensively evaluating and providing therapeutic support to those with physical impairments to promote social activity and engagement. This program is based on the fields of occupational therapy, cerebral neurology, life environmentology, and rehabilitation studies. It encourages students to look at patients from the perspective of activities of daily living impairment, and to conduct their own practice and research on effective occupational therapies. It also promotes the development of social welfare devices and environmental improvements. Mental Health Impairment Occupational Therapy Program: Students analyze the symptoms and activity reductions of the mentally impaired, study the theories and technologies for restoring function and preventing impairment, and explore the knowledge and techniques needed for conducting mental health analyses, occupational herapy analyses and psychological analyses to achieve improved quality of life. Students will conduct research on evaluation methods, therapeutic methods, and processes leading to social participation based on treatment hypotheses for patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Community Occupational Therapy Program: Students conduct research on the implementation of occupational therapy for people living in their communities. This program promotes research that ties theory to practice, particularly around work activities and the model of human occupation (MOHO)—a model of “conceptual practice” for work activities.


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